David and Graeme hassle the witnesses

David and Graeme set off for the Lakes after stealing the keys to Nick’s car. Nick’s furious but David stands firm claiming he has to do something to help Gail. In the Lakes he finds the couple who witnessed Gail on the boat, asking if they’re sure about what they saw. Assuming David’s here to pressure them to change their statement they threaten to call the police.

Eileen’s unaware of Jesse’s indiscretion the night before and has decided to hear him out. As he begs for another chance, claiming he’s lost without her, Eileen begins to thaw. Meanwhile, Julie remains horrified that he made a pass at her and worries about whether to tell Eileen.

Sunita helps Dev out at the shop and starts making business deals with suppliers. As the pair grow closer Sunita makes a decision about whether she should move back in.

Also, Jason worries about how distant Tina’s become; Sian returns to the street. She and Ryan set Sophie up on a date with a guy called Lee, hoping that love will blossom.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sunita puts the pressure on Dev to sort the flat out. She wants to move back in with the twins, pointing out how far away their school is. Dev reluctantly agrees to them moving into his flat. He knows this might be the start of a new family life for them all.

Eileen agrees to a date with Jesse, but when Julie reveals he tried it on with her she throws him and his belongings out onto the street. The half-sisters promise never to let a man come between them again.

David questions the couple about what they actually saw on the boat, but it’s clear he’s fighting a losing battle and Graeme ushers him away. Back on the street Nick’s furious to hear what David’s been up to, especially when the police come calling, threatening him with a charge for perverting the course of justice.

Also, Lee tries to get cosy with Sophie, but she accuses him of coming on too strong. Her outburst has the desired effect as Sian comes rushing from the bedroom and takes Sophie home; Audrey spills the beans to Rita and confesses Lewis is an escort. Rita’s shocked and worried that her friend is heading for a fall.

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