David and Jason come to blows

Jason explains to Todd and Phelan that the police have been searching Tony’s flat when they should be focusing on David, before accusing Kylie and Audrey of hiding a murderer. In the Rovers, David tells Jason to stop harassing his family and Steve steps in to prevent a fight. Meanwhile, Kylie assures David she washed the murder weapon thoroughly and replaced it in Tony’s tool bag. At No 11, Jason stares at Tony’s tool bag and admits to Phelan that it might contain the murder weapon.

Gary, Anna and Erica arrive at the magistrates’ court for Izzy’s trial. When the prosecution cross-examines Izzy, she loses her temper and tells the court she needs cannabis to lead a normal life and the police officer deserved all he got.

Michelle supervises the removal men as they pack up Carla’s furniture and hatches a plan to win Steve back. Hoping Steve will ask her to move back in, she calls at the Rovers and fills a box with some bits and pieces that she needs. Steve remains frosty, but offers to carry the box round to Carla’s flat for her later.

A lovesick Sean laments the fact he’s lost Billy, but Alya urges him to win him back.