David AND Jason lash out

Graeme can’t believe his luck when Tina tells him she wants to be with him. But when she says she’ll tell Jason if he tells David he panics. Handcuffing David he explains everything. Meanwhile, Tina breaks the news to a heartbroken Jason. Heading back to the flat the couple hope the worst is over, but Tina’s stunned to find Jason has changed the locks, insisting it’s his name on the mortgage and he wants her out. Graeme tries to play peacemaker, but emotions boil over.

Ches refuses to go back to school after his exams so Fiz attempts to call his bluff, saying that if he leaves school he’ll need to pay rent. He starts to have second thoughts about his career path.

Lewis chats to Deirdre in the bookies and it’s not long before she’s opening up to him. When she and Ken later share a drink with Audrey and Lewis, she can’t help but compare Ken and Lewis.

Also, Michelle blanks Ciaran and he accuses her of being jealous. He offers to make it up to her with a date.

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