David and Kylie’s marriage hits the rocks (VIDEO)

Kylie hasn’t come home all night and as David gets Max ready for school he hides his worry. At the Bistro a drunk Kylie and a group of hangers-on demand service. Struggling to control Kylie, Nick calls David. As he berates her for her reckless behaviour Kylie refuses to return home.

Sally and Kevin are getting on well and Sophie’s hopeful of a reconciliation between her parents. But when Kevin gets a call from his ill childminder Sally is left uneasily holding the baby. After spending the day with Jack she admits to Carla that she’s in a mess, she’s fallen back in love with Kevin, but she’s not sure she can ever accept baby Jack and be a mother to him.

Karl’s gutted to find Stella has forgotten his birthday. Irked, he heads out to work, revealing his disappointment to Sunita. Later, Stella arrives with a present – a car wash kit.

Also, Terry calls a friend at the council in a bid to get the protesters removed from his club; Anna’s stressed as she struggles for money.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

When Pam calls round she’s shocked to see Jack is now living with Sally and Kevin and accuses them of pushing the baby from pillar to post. Her words hit home and Sally admits to Kevin she will never be able to love Jack and be a mother to him as he’s a constant reminder of Kevin’s betrayal. Sally’s insistent their relationship will never work, but Kevin refuses to give up.

Kirsty and the protesters are shocked when a DCI arrives at the club threatening to arrest them. Realising the game is up they reluctantly file out while the DCI tears a strip off Kirsty for getting involved. Back at home Kirsty admits this stinks, convinced of some corruption.

David’s back at home having failed to convince Kylie to come back. When she bursts in for a moment his hopes are raised, but Kylie’s quick to point out that she’s just come back for a few things and then she’s going. As she drags Max from his bed David pleads with her not to do this.

Also, Dev offers Anna some night shifts at the shop as she struggles to make ends meet; Karl’s thrilled when Sunita hands him a car radio for his birthday.