David and Leyla make a fresh start!

Pollard encourages his son to persevere with Leyla if her really loves her, so David suggests they make a fresh start and go on a date. Let’s just hope Leyla doesn’t decide she needs something special to wear, as that’s when all their troubles started!

An angry Laurel is staying with Nicola but moves back home when Ashley tells her Sally has moved out of the vicarage. Just as she’s starting to relax, Ashley reveals that Sally has only gone as far as Edna’s cottage. Laurel erupts like a volcano, packs up again and takes the children to her mum’s house. A desperate Ashley tries to stop her but Laurel is adamant: she’s not sticking around for any more of psycho Sally’s mind games.

The fall-out from the lost horse escapade continues… Having confessed all to Katie, the irresponsible Maisie isn’t so brave in front of her mum when she reads Katie the riot act. Rather than admit it was her, she blames Holly first, then finally comes clean. Ryan doesn’t know this, though, and has a go at her in front of everyone in the pub for dropping the staff in it. So, chivalry isn’t dead…

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