David and Pollard discover Nicola’s betrayal

Nicola is forced to organise an impromptu rehearsal in the factory toilets to calm Gennie’s performance anxiety. Meanwhile, David and Pollard decide to attend the nursery performance to check that Nicola’s sabotage is working. When Gennie refuses to appear on stage Nicola forces Betty to mime while Gennie sings from behind a screen. David and Pollard are stunned by ‘Betty’s’ brilliant performance and realise Nicola has turned on them.

Lily has a fall at home and passes out and Rodney worries about her worsening condition. Reality finally hits Lily and she breaks down on Rodney, who offers to take her to the hospital. A disapproving Edna sees Lily and Rodney together and tells Rodney he’s a bad influence on Lily. Rodney almost lets slip about Lily’s illness but manages to stop himself.

Anna allays Matthew’s fears about borrowing money from her and tells him to concentrate on organising their wedding. Jimmy and Carl are suspicious about Anna’s offer, but realise they will have to accept the loan if they are to keep their business afloat. The loan will only tide them over for a few days and the Kings worry that Polek might be stalling their investment deliberately.

Also, Val reunites Victoria and Diane.

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