David asks Carol to run away with him

David and Michael prepare their scam to set up Derek. Michael enlists Roxy as a lookout as he and David plant dodgy goods in Jack’s flat. Derek finds Michael in Jack’s flat and Michael covers. The police turn up, but Derek is in the clear when they leave empty handed. David panics when Michael reveals he told Derek that the whole scam was down to him and he asks Carol to flee Walford with him.

Mandy asks Ian if he’s told Lucy and Peter about their relationship. Ian lies that he has. Mandy confronts Ricky about what happened between them. She agrees it was a mistake, but confesses that he once got her pregnant and the baby died. Ian sees them talking and tells Bianca. Ian faces more problems when an irate Lucy (now played Hetti Bywater) arrives demanding to know why she wasn’t told about the funeral, and who Mandy is!

Whitney talks to Tyler about Morgan and Ray. Tyler feels awkward as Fat Boy has warned him to stay away from his girlfriend. Cora sees Whitney crying on Tyler’s shoulder and tells him to do the right thing by her granddaughter. Tyler meets up with Lauren and dumps her.