David attacks Gail! (VIDEO)

Peter’s found his car vandalised and instantly blames Nick. Indignant Nick denies it but with all the evidence stacked against him after their row, will Leanne believe him? As Gail frets over Nick all David’s pent up fury is suddenly directed at Gail as he blames her for his unhappy childhood. Frustrated by his behaviour Kylie tackles David.

Anna’s horrified to hear what Faye has been through, but under Owen’s instruction she hides her anger as she comforts Faye. She begs her not to blame Tim, but while Anna reassures Faye and tells her how much she loves her, her anger’s apparent. When Jason’s then forced to admit that Tim actually stayed on in Newcastle with a woman Anna’s appalled. When Tim arrives home she unleashes her anger on him.

Roy’s agreed to talk to a doctor about his sleepwalking, but a last minute wobble almost sends him fleeing from the waiting room.

Also, when Ryan wants to go to a gig that night Katy’s forced to let him go alone as it’s her night with Joseph; Sinead starts to realise that Ches only takes her out to score points in front of Katy; Norris faces down the gossips as Emily admits her plan.