David is doing a pretty good impression of a normal teenager under Stephen’s influence and only Sarah is convinced that it’s all an act. David is delighted when Stephen takes him for lunch and offers him a job in Milan. Gail worries that David isn’t up to such a big move but when she sees his enthusiasm she agrees it would be a brilliant opportunity. Sarah is furious that David has been given such a chance, while David is smug.

Rosie cancels her plans to go out when she discovers that John is due round to give Sally an English lesson and she flirts with John while Sally is out of the room. John agrees to meet up with Rosie when she suggestively says she wants to see him but it’s clear that Rosie is getting frustrated at being his bit on the side.

Liz is more confident about the new Jim and when she spots him leaving the bookies they exchange a bit of friendly banter. Vernon is insecure about this latest turn of events and worries that Jim will undermine him.

Also, Ryan is still under house arrest but he begs Michelle to let him go to the gaming competition at the weekend.