David blackmails Janine!

Janine is reassured when David insists he won’t tell anyone she killed Michael. When Phil tells Janine that he’s had a better offer on the Vic, Janine sells everything she can to raise the cash. After Phil agrees the Vic is hers, Janine cracks open a bottle of bubbly, only for David to thank her for collecting the money for him… Playing back her confession on his mobile phone he tells her he wants the £250k or it’s all over.

The Butcher-Spraggan household is thrown into chaos when Nikki arrives with a pile of presents for TJ and Rosie. Worried that Nikki’s trying to get back with Terry, Bianca has a go at Nikki for being a part-time mum. Nikki hits back that Terry begged her not to leave him. Upset that Nikki will be spending Christmas Day alone, TJ and Rosie vow to spend it with her.

Peter and Lola are concerned that their warring families may drive them apart. Realising that Ian and Phil are their biggest obstacles, they decide to organise a joint Christmas meal to bring everyone together. When they suggest the idea, it’s rejected outright. Lola blackmails Phil into saying yes, threatening to stop him seeing Lexi.