Joe’s suffering from withdrawals but he tries to mask his desperation in front of Gail. He gives half the pill money to David and steals the other £50 from Gail’s purse. Despite Gail and Tina accusing David of stealing the money he delivers half the painkillers to Joe, telling him he can have the other half when he persuades Tina to start being nice to him again.

Emily and Norris wave Freda off, and later while Emily shows Ramsay some holiday slides of she and Ernest in the Lake District, Norris blunders in and interrupts them. Rita suggests to Norris that Emily and Ramsay fancy each other.

Chesney hunts for the receipt for his trainers so he can take them back, but he’s shocked when he finds an engagement ring in Fiz’s coat pocket. Fiz returns home and panics when she discovers her engagement ring is missing.

Also, Becky plans to get in touch with Jim McDonald and invite him to the wedding as a surprise for Steve and enters a competition to win a honeymoon; Bill agrees to give Jason a mortgage reference saying he’s in full-time employment.

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