A look at the early influences that made David Bowie an icon

This is the third Bowie film from Francis Whately, whose previous offerings looked at the singer’s final recordings and reinventions.

Here, he traces Bowie’s early life, and we hear from the 
likes of childhood pal George Underwood – whose punch led to one of David’s eyes changing colour – and, in her only 
filmed interview, his first love, Hermione Farthingale.

David Bowie: Finding Fame – BBC2. David in 1965

David in 1965

There’s even some rare Ziggy Stardust footage thought to have been ‘lost for ever’.

It’s a picture of a hugely ambitious young man, keen to experiment (both with music and make-up!), though perhaps The Laughing Gnome was one experiment best forgotten.

Catch a repeat of Bowie’s 2000 Glastonbury set on BBC4, 10.55pm.

TV Times rating: *****