David bribes Anka to lie at the trial!

Nick empties the safe before rushing out to join a waiting David. Arriving in the Lakes they find Anka in a local pub, and tell her they have a proposition, offering her a bribe if she tells the police she saw Joe throw Gail off the boat. At first Anka’s wary, but when Nick shows her the 4k she agrees to go along with the plan. Giving her half the money upfront Nick drives her to the local police station. As they wait outside David starts to sweat.

Carla‘s furious to hear Nick has disappeared and when his contact, Paul Stokes, arrives she’s forced to seal the deal herself. As Carla turns on the charm Paul flirts back, assuming a visiting Trev is an under manager. Carla doesn’t correct him and as the three head for drinks Trev is forced to play along.

Carla sees Graeme going into Tina’s flat and barges in determined to talk to her. Once Graeme’s gone Jason demands answers, but he’s taken aback by a fragile Tina and softens. She admits that she’s been struggling to cope and Graeme’s been a shoulder to cry on.

Also, Roy’s stunned when Hayley tells him she thinks they need some space and she’s going to stay with Anna.

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