David brings trouble with him

Carol is gobsmacked to see David, who saunters into the living room where he spots Masood, telling Carol he dropped by to leave something with Bianca. The doorbell rings again and it’s an attractive women, Naomi (The Bill’s Lisa Maxwell), who has a case stuffed full of her hubby’s money. David takes Naomi aside telling her he wants to leave £20k with Bianca before they go on the run to Spain.

As the couple start to bicker, David confesses that they are just using each other – he doesn’t even like her! A furious Naomi threatens to call her husband Don. Woken by the noise, Tiff comes downstairs and is delighted to see her granddad. David puts her to bed and Carol finds him in Pat’s old room. David tells Carol he was a fool to leave her, insisting he still loves her.

Meanwhile, Don arrives with back up to take back his money. Grabbing the case and Naomi, they also take the £20k in David’s pocket. Carol is terrified as David is punched and kicked before they take the money and the car. As the gang speed away, David lies crumpled in a heap, with Carol cradling him in her arms.