David catches Kylie buying drugs

*Hour-long episode*

When David confides in Eva how worried he is about Kylie, Eva agrees to take David to Kylie’s old haunt the Dog & Gun. As David and Eva enter they watch, horrified, as Kylie buys drugs from a dealer. David follows Kylie into the loos and catches her red-handed about to take some speed. David storms out and forced to choose between drugs and her family, Kylie’s at breaking point!

A photographer has been booked to take family portraits at the community centre and Michael insists the photographer takes a shot of him and Gavin. Kal’s not happy and when Tony then forces him to work, Kal lays into him, furious that he’s exploiting Zeedan when he should be with his family.

When Emily introduces her new vicar to Sean and Eileen, Sean’s pleased it’s Billy, the guy he met in the bar. Meanwhile, Katy confides in Alya that she reckons Gary and Izzy are getting back together.

When Owen unwittingly lets slip to Diane that Kevin gave her sofa to Sally, Diane insists she and Kevin pay Sally a visit after their lunch date.

When Maria accidentally stabs herself in the eye with a mascara wand, Luke takes her to A&E.