David catches Tracy copping off!

David's gutted when he spots Tracy kissing someone in The Woolie

*Second episode*

David and Tracy’s relationship hasn’t exactly run smoothly and just as David’s about to take the bull by the horns and tell her how he feels, there’s yet another setback. Vanessa and Carly decide to organise a girls’ night out in Hotten to cheer Tracy up. Later, David is heartbroken to see Tracy snogging another bloke.

Drug addict Holly is horrified when she attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and comes face to face with Jai, who’s shocked to learn she’s still taking drugs. Later, at home, things go from bad to worse when Holly discovers the police have caught Victoria’s attacker and want her to identify him.

Secret arsonist Rakesh is getting further out of his depth and lies to Priya that the insurance company will pay out for the fire. But is the bent lawyer really convinced that that’s the case?