David leaves for the magistrate’s court and faces an agonising wait, knowing that his plight appears hopeless. Things are made even worse when Tina turns up with revenge in mind. Finally, Jason is called to the stand, but is stunned when events take a surprising turn.

Becky is horrified by Kylie’s announcement and insists that there is no way she is taking Max to Ayia Napa. Kylie snaps back that if Becky thinks she can do a better job then she can look after her. It’s obvious that it’s what Kylie has wanted all along, but when she taps Steve up for some money and he refuses it looks like the trip is off. But Kylie has other ideas and after robbing Roy’s Rolls she does a bunk.

Sally and Kevin are at home so Rosie has to politely thank Jason for all his hard work. She presumes that he will be letting her off payment after their tryst, but he counters that whatever happened between them doesn’t mean that she can take him for a ride. It seems the path of true love won’t be running smoothly for them.

Also, Maria agrees to a date with Chris.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tina is convinced that David is pulling a fast one to try and delay the hearing and come up with a better excuse for his actions. But when the paramedics arrive and talk to David about his black-out it looks like there may be more to it. As the doctor discusses the possibility of epilepsy, David latches on to as an explanation for why he crashed, and goes to visit Graeme. He feels vindicated and while he waits for his diagnosis he wonders whether he is clutching at straws.

Steve and Becky are left holding the baby, but Becky is still defending her sister. This time Steve has had enough and tells her some home truths about Kylie’s behaviour over the past few weeks. But he doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting.

Maria’s date with Chris is going well so far and they plan to head out. But when Chris gets up and heads to the toilet Lloyd decides Maria needs to know what Chris is really like.

Also, a reluctant Rosie pays Jason what she owes. Later she’s shocked when he arrives at the Websters’ with a surprise gift to win her round.

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