David contemplates ending it all (VIDEO)

At the cottage David’s spent the night on the sofa, much to Kylie’s annoyance. She tries to talk to him about what’s wrong but David heads out for a walk. Tormented by thoughts of Kylie and Nick, David finds himself on the edge of a cliff. Distraught and confused at how to deal with the betrayal of the woman he loves David looks down at the huge drop, but can’t bring himself to jump.

Michelle takes Katy to the pub, insisting the men stay in with Joseph. Aware Ryan’s commitment to Katy is wavering, Michelle suggests she should try and make a go of things with Chesney. But Katy is unsure where she sees her future.

Putting his unhappiness to one side Dev wishes Stella and Karl good luck for the future. It means a lot to Stella, and to Karl who tries to mask his guilt.

Also, Dennis is unhappy that Rita plans to use her life savings to pay Tina’s legal fees and Tina’s determination is shaken.