Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt plucks up the courage to get HIV check

David knows he needs help but a trip to the STI clinic only makes matters worse

Finding David Platt asleep on the sofa Shona tells him he needs to stop messing her about. Later, David quizzes Maria about HIV tests before heading to an STI clinic giving them Gary’s name. But when they start asking about his recent sexual history David bottles it and leaves. At home Shona has packed a bag but as she heads out David grabs her and kisses her passionately.

Craig’s OCD rituals are getting worse and when the police come to search the flat, as Andy’s last known residence, Craig can’t cope and panics bolting the door shut and refusing to allow anyone to come in.

Aidan asks Angie to take a look at the factory books. Mary is surprised to find that Jude won’t really talk about his new job, Mary says she is worried as she thinks Jude is ashamed of her. Aidan and Rosie discovers the restaurant owner gave his girlfriend the job. Dev makes Chesney dress as a giant fish to promote the fish and chip shop.

First episode of the evening.