Sarah can’t shake off her suspicions that Becky has her eye on her man and she stakes her claim in the cafe by pointedly being all over him. Jason is embarrassed and he later texts Becky an apology. A jealous Sarah tells her hubby that she doesn’t want him texting other girls. David sees his chance to make more mischief and he takes Jason’s phone and sends an incriminating message to Becky, who responds.

Kevin suspects that Sally might be up to no good with John when she tells him that she’ll be out Christmas shopping on Saturday. A delighted Rosie hastily phones John to tell him that she’ll have the house to herself and John lies to Fiz that he has to go into school. Fiz and Kevin realise that both their partners have alibis and they agree to try to catch them out.

Jamie and Marcus are getting fed up with Violet and Sean’s feud and they force them to have a drink. But after a good start, things go downhill as soon as the baby is mentioned and the parents-to-be are still at loggerheads.

Also, Norris discovers that Rita has been trying to put Doreen off him.