David destroys Nick’s flat! (VIDEO)

David unleashes his suppressed heartbreak and anger, tearing Nick’s flat apart and breaking anything he can lay his hands on. Returning home Nick and Leanne are horrified to discover the destruction and call the police. As Owen fits new locks David plays the supportive brother. But when he pockets one of the new keys it’s clear David’s revenge doesn’t end there!

When Izzy breaks down, unable to bear the thought of Tina being happy-ever-after with her baby, Anna’s concern turns to rage. Tracking Tina down she slaps her across the face before turning on Rita and Tommy, claiming she knows that in their heart of hearts they agree with her over Tina’s decision. Rattled, Tina asks Rita and Tommy for the truth.

Sinead’s confused by Chesney’s mixed signals as Katy and Ches continue to bicker.

Also, Roy keeps an all night vigil in the cafe determined to get to the bottom of the ghostly going-ons. Emily’s thrilled to receive flowers from both Freda and Spider.