In the hospital, David is in recovery following surgery to have a testicle removed. He’s meant to be relaxing, but the shopkeeper is frustrated and can’t bear having to lie about. When no one’s looking, David sneaks out, taking his stuff with him! The penny drops for the staff when Pollard drops by to visit his son and finds David’s bed empty and things gone.

Back in the village, Leyla’s been having a nightmare as Jacob wants to know where David is! Her problem worsens when David reappears – but Jacob’s delighted. Will David tell him about his cancer?

There’s awful news for Ashley who’s sent reeling when the hospital calls to say Edna has died. Knowing it will devastate his dad Sandy, the vicar decides not to say anything for now.

Over at Home Farm, Nicola and Bernice are stressed out over the running of the Estate. But will a desperate Nicola’s decision to ask Robert to help them out go down well with Lawrence and Chrissie?

Liv is grateful when Aaron assures his little sister he’s there for her.