Leyla’s been lying to David for so long that even she’s struggling to get all her facts straight. But David has come home and he wants the truth. Why is the sister who hates Leyla living in their house with Jacob? Leyla’s tempted to lie again but Alicia jumps in and tells him everything. Leyla’s secret is out and David is stunned. That’s one hell of a skeleton she’s been hiding in the closet and he doesn’t think he can trust her any more.

Jackson wants Aaron out of his life. He’s sick of the grief Aaron’s aggression causes and says he’s moving in with Andy (hasn’t he heard about Andy’s temper?!) A smart Aaron would put all his effort into convincing Jackson he’s worth having. But foolish Aaron blames Mickey for everything and wants revenge.

Carl’s also living dangerously. He wants to say a private ‘au revoir’ to Eve, but Chas appears just as Eve’s taxi arrives. With Eve gone – for now – Jimmy warns Carl that Chas will show him no mercy if she finds out what he’s been up to. Of course, Carl already knows this, but he loves the thrill of the chase…

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