David discovers Sarah’s deceit

Sarah books her flights to Milan and announces to the family that she and Jason are leaving Weatherfield at the end of the week. The Platts reel in shock and David is beside himself with anger. David accuses his sister of deliberately setting him up. Meanwhile, Eileen worries when she realises that Jason is not as keen as Sarah to make the move.

John tells Rosie that he’s leaving Weatherfield, but he’s taken aback when she claims that she couldn’t care less, even though she’s lost him his girlfriend, his home and possibly his job. Sally rails at Rosie for causing so much chaos, but she panics when Rosie reveals that she knows her mum made a pass at John and threatens to tell Kevin.

Michelle’s nerves start to get the better of her and she panics every time the phone rings, thinking that it could be Nick. Steve assures her that Ryan will still love her, whatever the test results say but Michelle is not so sure.

Also, Liz learns that Andy won’t be able to make the wedding; Steve lets slip to Jim that Liz once cheated on Vernon and Jim has food for thought.