David discovers that Sophie’s ‘messages from the past’ are coming from his grandma Ivy’s diary and he demands that she hand it over to him.

David can’t resist taking a peek and he’s horrified when he reads that mum Gail wasn’t best pleased about getting pregnant with him and planned to have him aborted!

Les and Yana prepare to do their penance for cheating on Cilla and climb into their bath of cold mushy peas to raise money for Cilla’s ‘cancer fund’. Cilla is delighted to see their discomfort and adds further humiliation by stealing their robes before they get out. Meanwhile, Fiz is sad to think that this could be the last Christmas with her mum, but it doesn’t look like Cilla’s about to reveal her con.

Steve is gutted about missing his date with Michelle and he takes her a big bunch of flowers to apologise. But it looks like it’s too late to get himself in Michelle’s good books when she announces that she’s met someone else and she’s going on a date.

Tracy plants more seeds of suspicion with Deirdre when she uncharacteristically takes Amy round to Steve’s and asks to leave her there for Christmas. Deirdre is seriously worried for both Tracy and Amy’s well-being.

Also, the Websters and Platts prepare for their joint Christmas Day celebrations.