David dumps Leyla in The Woolpack!

Leyla worries that David still has feelings for Nicola. Leyla shares her concerns with Lily who is angry on her friend’s behalf. Lily warns David not to mess Leyla about but he’s angry about being read the riot act and dumps Leyla in the pub. Leyla is devastated but a smooth Rodney tells her that a beautiful woman can do so much better!

Marlon tells Betty that Sandy is back in the UK and his plan comes together as a shocked Betty confronts Doug and demands Sandy’s address. Laurel speaks to Sandy and suspects he may know where Jasmine is and they decide to go to Scotland to confront him. Meanwhile, Betty leaves Sandy’s address the table and Marlon and Eli find it and race out of the village to get to Sandy before Laurel and Ashley.

Jimmy persuades a reluctant Edna to talk to Scarlett, who seems to be worried about her relationship with Daz. Scarlett confesses to Edna and Lily that Daz seems uninterested in her now he has the farm. The ladies advise Scarlett to secure Daz’s attention with a romantic present or a nice meal. Scarlett refuses to pander to Daz and decides to go it alone.

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