Tina goes to the abortion clinic with Gail and she’s wracked with guilt for keeping her actions a secret from David. Tina is emotionally and physically exhausted after the procedure and she lies to David that she can’t go to the gig with him because she feels ill. David storms over to Tina’s and calls things off with her, convinced that she’s trying to fob him off. Gail feels terrible. Tony stuns Liam when he presents him with documentation for buying him out of the factory and Liam confesses that he wasn’t being serious when he made the comment the previous day. Tony is undeterred and says he’ll give Liam time to think. Liam talks to Maria and confesses that he knows Maria is uncomfortable about him working with Carla. Maria insists she trusts him and insists that he doesn’t need to sell the factory on her account. Becky is sure that Norris grassed up Kirk to the social services and she confronts him in the pub. Claire feels awful that Norris is being blamed for her mess and she shocks everyone by revealing that it was her fault. Also, Kelly is blamed for stealing the rejects from the factory.