Following the debacle with the watered down spirits and now a scathing review on Trip Advisor, Nick convinces himself that a member of his staff has a vendetta against him and calls a meeting to get to the truth. The staff are furious at Nick’s accusations as David enjoys watching his brother start to fall to pieces.


Paul’s determined to be civil to Lloyd and focus on his wedding to Eileen. Under pressure from Jenna and Mandy, Lloyd also agrees to let sleeping dogs lie. So when Sophie confesses that she rang Paul’s boss and made a complaint about his racist language, Jenna is furious. When Paul’s boss calls him in for a chat, Paul is disgusted about the complaint and immediately blames Lloyd.


Gary’s nervous as he and Izzy finally bring baby Jack home, having spent limited time at the hospital with him. But it’s clear that Gary is battling new parent nerves.


Also, Hayley appreciates Carla’s no-nonsense support as she returns to work. Rob and Tracy prepare their shop; and Peter starts work at Underworld.