David Platt exacts revenge on Lauren

David Platt realises Lauren has been bullying Bethany and decides to teach her a lesson.

David Platt agrees to let Bethany work in the salon. When Lauren calls in and enjoys putting the frighteners on her, David returns and Bethany floods with relief. David then sends Bethany out for coffees and offers Lauren a free hairdo – fingering the scissors in his pocket.

When Kate rows with Caz in the street, accusing her of using Maria, Kate spills coffee down Caz’s interview suit. Meanwhile Audrey feels unwell and suggests Maria finds someone else to take to the Regional Stylists’ Awards. Will she pick Caz or Luke?

Sean’s gutted when Todd tells Eileen that he’s moved into the rectory with Billy. With Todd gone, Sean asks Eileen if he can move back in.

Gary hands Sarah a refund for Bethany’s gym membership. Craig writes a letter to his Dad but will he send it?