David finds Joe with the enemy

Joe feels under pressure when David wants to work for him again now that he’s got the kitchens contract. Joe is worried that he hasn’t even got the cash to buy the raw materials for the job. Gail tries to help Joe, but he’s too proud to accept and throws the offer back in her face. Joe cracks and pays Len a visit to get the deal back on track with a dodgy loan – just as David walks in and finds them shaking hands…

Leanne tells Janice that she has decided to accept the restaurant manager’s job in Leeds in order to get away from Peter. Janice is upset, as is Peter, and he infuriates Leanne by getting Simon to beg her to stay. Leanne is upset by Simon’s childish pleas and she says a tearful goodbye, quitting Weatherfield.

Becky is determined to do everything right in the run-up to her wedding and tells Steve that she has decided not to have a hen night as she doesn’t trust herself to behave. Steve is impressed when Becky reveals that she’s having a quiet night in with Roy and Hayley instead.

Also, Dev’s uncle, Umed, arrives from India; Liz offers a grateful Anna the cleaner’s job at the Rovers.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David is stunned as Len gleefully explains how he got Joe the kitchen contract in exchange for getting Tina to change her story in court. David storms home and tells Gail and Tina about the bribe. David’s revelation is just the tip of the iceberg as first Tina’s abortion secret is revealed, followed by Joe discovering that David tried to kill his own mother, and topped off with the news that Joe only moved in with Gail as he’d been evicted from his flat. The revelations prove too cutting and Tina tells David she’s finishing with him, while Joe leaves Gail.

Uncle Umed makes himself at home. He gets the wrong end of the stick when he overhears Tara and Jason talking about refitting Dev’s shop to turn it into an art gallery and is convinced they are having an affair!

Liz tries to have a heart to heart with Lloyd about their relationship, as she’s worried that he has a problem with her age. When a clueless Lloyd fails to convince her otherwise, a hurt Liz tells him that it’s over between them.

Also, Peter is still in a state following Leanne’s departure and no amount of talking from Ken is going to make the situation any better.

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