David forces Andy to frame Callum

David borrows Nick’s car and after pulling up outside a seedy pub, he orders Andy to go in and buy some drugs. Andy’s horrified, but David makes it plain he’ll do as he’s told or he’ll reveal Andy’s true identity to Michael. The pair drive to the Dog & Gun and David orders Andy to plant the drugs in Callum’s glovebox. Andy gets in the car as David watches on, horrified, when Callum walks towards it…

After spending the night together, Billy sets off on his parish visits as Sean regales Julie with the story of the homophobic landlord. Sean’s horrified to discover Julie’s called the Gazette about his homophobic encounter and sends a reporter packing. But when Billy arrives in the pub explaining the sick child he was visiting died, Sean forgets his anger as he comforts Billy.

When Jack’s child minder falls ill, Jenny insists she’ll collect Jack. Spotting a slight rash on Jack’s neck, and completely overreacting, she rushes him to the medical centre.  

Bethany’s appalled when Sarah enrols her at Weatherfield High School. As Roy and Sharif work on their allotment they meet Cathy on the adjacent plot.