David spots Bill eyeing Gary suspiciously as Gary hangs around the builders’ yard. David forms his revenge plan against Gary and steals Bill’s tools then heads to the Rovers for a drink. David makes a big show of offering an olive branch to Gary and stands back smugly when Bill storms in and accuses Gary of stealing his tools.

Ken turns down a bank holiday day out with the family to do more ‘research’ on the canal. Deirdre and Peter take Simon and Eccles for a walk and find Ken on the canal bank. Ken covers his own panic at having discovered Martha’s boat missing. Ken brushes aside Deirdre’s questions and flees to the theatre and tells Martha that he can’t live without her. Ken’s extravagant declaration is witnessed by a stunned Audrey and Ted, who are there to see the play.

Teresa is back on the street in her usual drunken state and looking for Darryl. Teresa tells Amber she’s back to see her son on his birthday. A disgusted Amber points out that Darryl’s birthday was last week.

Also, Anna’s enthusiastic on her first day at the cafe; Maria is irritated by Natasha bragging about dating Tony.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gary insists that he didn’t steal Bill’s tools, but it’s only when David pipes up and supplies Gary with a false alibi that Bill backs down. Gary is surprised by David bailing him out and wonders what he’s up to, while a gullible Gail is proud of David’s ‘honesty’!

Teresa heads to the kebab shop and tries to take money from the till. Amber does her best to restrain her while Minnie dashes out to find Darryl. By the time Darryl turns up Teresa’s smashed the place up and Dev is furious and threatens to call the police. The taxi driver refuses to take the plastered Teresa and Dev finds he’s stuck with her.

Martha can’t get over Ken’s betrayal by keeping his marriage a secret from her and is even more upset when she realises that Deirdre still knows nothing about their affair. Martha tells Ken she can’t see him again and runs off. Ken is horrified when he realises that Audrey and Ted have witnessed everything and Audrey tells Ken to tell Deirdre the truth or she will.

Also, Tom is hurt when Maria wants to check his new designs with Tony and wonders if there’s more to their ‘business’ relationship than meets the eye.