David revels in the tense atmosphere between Sarah and Jason and he deliberately escalates the situation. He stokes his sister’s jealousy by telling her that Jason went for a drink with Becky yesterday and now he’s in the cafe with her. Sarah sees Jason leaving the pub with Becky a bit later and she feels uneasy.

Fiz’s suspicion that John is playing away with Sally increases when Sally turns down her offer of a drink to say sorry after work and John also says that he’ll be late home. Fiz shares her fears with Kevin, but when Sally turns up with Freshco’s bags it seems that she went to the supermarket as she claimed. But Fiz is horrified when she sees Freshco’s bags in the boot of John’s car and her suspicions are reignited.

Jerry is in shock when he finds out that teenager Kayleigh has been secretly slipping out to go clubbing for months. Jerry confronts his daughter, but she refuses to apologise and claims that he’s too busy with his own life to see what his kids are up to. Jerry determines to spend more time with his family and he puts Eileen off yet again.

Also, Jamie and Marcus try to get Violet and Sean talking.