David gets a lead on Kylie’s whereabouts

David decides to leave a message on Kylie’s phone telling her that Gail’s dead. But Gail’s horrified and when there’s no response from Kylie and David despairs. But when he then gets a call telling him Kylie’s been caught shoplifting in Rochdale, his hopes soar and he and Eva set off to find her.

In the Rovers, Norris lays into Steve, blaming him for the crash and calling him a coward. Michelle leaps to Steve’s defence and announces that he is suffering from clinical depression, leaving everyone stunned.

When Eileen complains at the overcrowding in No 11, Eva forms a plan and confides in Tony and Todd she’s going to ask Jason if he’d like to buy a place together. Tony’s delighted while Todd’s quietly jealous when Jason is delighted by her suggestion.

Gary starts work at Roy’s Rolls. The neurosurgeon tests Sinead’s legs and she is delighted when she can feel them. Sean prepares for his date with Billy. Leanne’s pleased when Nick announces he’s changing the name back to Nick’s Bistro.