It’s the moment of truth for David who pitches up at the surgery to find out the results of his cancer tests. But Doctor Bailey is in the middle of a steamy, impromptu appointment with his secret lover – Belle! David’s dead nervous and walks straight into the consulting room even though Emma tells them they’re running a bit behind.

Flustered, Dr Bailey stashes Belle behind the examination curtain and tries to get rid of David as fast as possible. Rifling around in his paperwork, the doctor grabs hold of what he believes to be David’s results and tells him he’s in the clear. David’s delighted – but later, Dr Bailey realises he’s made a terrible mistake and has given David the wrong results…

Lisa clocks Zak and Joanie and tries to pretend she’s not affected by their recent engagement. But later, in a moment alone with Marlon, Lisa sobs over the situation, devastated to have lost her husband.

With Eliza’s Christening looming, Megan’s sorting out the last details, but refuses to accept Jai’s help and tells her daughter’s father not to turn up to the church!