The Peacocks return from their break on the Isle of Man in an upbeat mood. Claire and Ashley are touched when Roy and Eileen reveal that everyone has pitched in to redecorate their smoke-damaged house. The couple are determined to make a new start and put the horror of the housefire behind them, but there is still the niggling question of who was responsible for the blaze.

Kirk is miserable without Fiz and he’s determined to find out who her new fella is. He tries to tap Maria for information but she awkwardly tells him that Fiz has hardly said anything about her new man. A triumphant Kirk is convinced that Fiz’s ‘new man’ doesn’t exist at all and she made him up as an excuse to dump him. Kirk tells a dubious Molly that he’s definitely in with a chance of being reunited with his former love.

Gail is relieved when David announces that he will do his exam today, as she requested. A smug David finishes the paper well within the time set, but before handing the paper in to the examiner, he sets it alight!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David returns home after his exam and tells Gail that he sailed through it. But Bethany’s birthday celebrations are interrupted by David’s headteacher Mr Griffin, who reveals David little stunt and announces that he’s had to exclude him. David is given permission to finish his exams if he signs a behaviour contract, but David refuses. A frustrated Gail comes up with an idea to improve David’s behaviour – getting Jason to move in and be David’s mentor…

Kirk is still convinced that he can win back Fiz, while Fiz bottles out of telling him who she’s seeing. Fiz has a romantic dinner with John, but as she kisses John goodbye, a horrified Chesney sees them together. Fiz chases after Chesney and asks him not to tell Kirk as she wants to break the news herself.

Ashley puts together a new cot for Freddie and is confident that things are back on track in his marriage. But Claire discovers that the police are no closer to discovering the arsonist and she remains on edge.

Also, Jerry tries his luck with Eileen, but she seems to have another love interest…