David goes on the rampage!

Gail returns home and puts the pressure on David, but he continues to maintain his innocence. Gail gives him one last chance to own up and an emotional David finally cracks and admits he pushed her and left her for dead. David demands that she phone the police and put him out of his misery, but she refuses as she wants to know why he did it. A desperate David storms out of the house and, full of self-loathing, he starts smashing up cars on the street…

Leanne and Paul are horrified when the loss adjustor reveals that the investigation into the restaurant fire could take months. Paul tells Leanne that they will be penniless for months and Leanne asserts that she didn’t force him to do it and she calls him pathetic. Dan overhears them bickering and suggests they shut up before they give the game away.

Michelle is taking a break in the back of the pub when a smiling Liz tells her that there’s someone here to see her. Bemused by Liz’s manner, Michelle is stunned when Liz leads an awkward Alex in.

Also, Lauren dumps a gutted Darryl; Liz is angry when Vernon can’t find another builder for the smoking shelter.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David is hellbent on self-destruction and he is determined to get sent down, with or without Gail’s help. The locals look on in astonishment as he continues to wreak havoc on the street. Finally, the police turn up and David bangs the nail in his coffin by punching a police officer. Gail is devastated as she watches David being taken away in a police car.

Lauren asks Steve for an advance on her wages, claiming she needs to pay Eileen some rent. Steve takes pity on her and hands her some cash. Sean is fed up when Lauren phones in sick and he has to cover her shift meaning he can’t go out with Marcus. Sean is furious when Marcus reveals that he saw an ‘ill’ Lauren shopping.

Leanne is desperate for cash and she sets her sights on getting Dan to help her out. Leanne asks Dan to give her a job in the bookies and cheekily points out to an evasive Dan that he told her bookies was his so Harry’s opinion shouldn’t count!

Also, Roy notices bat droppings in the building site and tells Becky that the site needs to be shut down as they are a protected species.