In hospital, David tries to put on a brave face as he prepares to go under the knife. Pollard has persuaded his cancer sufferer son to go through with the operation to remove a testicle. Worried for David, Pollard tries his best to mask his fears. Back in the village, entirely unaware of David’s illness, Jacob returns from Portugal wanting to know where the shopkeeper is. In a panic about what to say, will Tracy salvage the situation?

Dr Bailey has to think fast when Angie finds the lipstick Belle has planted in her husband’s car. The doctor is furious with Belle for messing with his marriage and tells her it’s over. As he watches the teen walk away, Dr Bailey is clearly struggling with his decision. Later, Bailey arrives at Belle’s and kisses her passionately, unable to keep away.

When Harriet finds a mistake dementia sufferer Ashley has made in his accounting, she’s got a job on her hands to try to restore his dwindling confidence.

Megan tries to get Jai to understand they won’t be getting back together. Like, EVER.

What is Jimmy doing carrying out jobs scantily clad under Pearl’s supervision?