David hacks into Tina’s emails

David tells Darryl that Tina has been sending secretive emails and he confesses that he has been trying to hack into her email. David strikes gold when he finds Tina’s password written in her address book and Darryl tries to warn David against spying on her, but David is too curious and too jealous to take his friend’s advice.

Bill is driven almost to distraction behind the wheel on the way back from the booze cruise when a grumpy Audrey makes it clear that the whole trip has been an ordeal. The car gets a puncture and a fed-up Bill joins Janice and Roger in a few beers as they wait for the recovery van. When they’re finally ready to set off, Audrey is forced to drive, but disaster strikes when she becomes distracted during another argument with Bill and they swerve off the road.

Dev feels on top of the world after his night with Nina and when Prem’s accountant turns up he is happy to take her for a drink but he keeps his distance. Norris is intrigued when she leaves the pub fairly swiftly, but Dev seems unfazed.

Also, Clarissa continues to rub Liz’s nose in it by ordering champagne to celebrate her and Harry’s ‘non-divorce’.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Audrey has been injured in the crash and Janice calls for an ambulance. Audrey is taken to hospital where they are met by a worried Gail and Ted. She is patched up and allowed to go home, but once back in the house, she tells Bill that the weekend was a disaster and she wants him out of the house. Bill is stunned.

David is thrilled when he reads Tina’s outbox and discovers that she has been talking about him in glowing terms to her ex-boyfriend. Disappointed to read that she wishes he was more spontaneous he decides to use the insider information to his advantage and become the perfect boyfriend!

Dev and Nina have been for a spin in her sports car and Dev introduces her to Amber as a famous Bollywood film star. Norris is beside himself with this juicy bit of gossip but Amber is less than impressed and lets her dad know in no uncertain terms what she thinks of his behaviour.

Also, Clarissa’s wind is taken out of her sails when Harry tells her that he doesn’t want to rush into getting back together with her; Jerry flat hunts for a less than enthusiastic Teresa.