Acclaimed actor David Harewood revisits his mental-health struggles in BBC2’s Psychosis and Me

‘Thirty years ago I had a period of psychosis and I lost my mind,’ says Homeland star David Harewood in this brutally honest film about mental illness.

While a student at drama school in London, Birmingham-born David started to hear voices and act strangely.

His friends took him to hospital, where he was sectioned.

David Harewood: Psychosis and Me

David visits the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham

In this film he looks at his old medical records to explore what happened to 
him and why.

He also meets psychiatrists to learn more about psychosis, and young people who are going through a similar thing today.

It’s a difficult journey for David, 
as he confronts the troubled young man he once was, but also one that is inspiring and brave.

TV Times rating: *****