David has a fit! (Video)

Concerned that David’s doing too much, Audrey insists he takes the day off. David takes Max and Joseph to the park, but as they feed the ducks David suddenly starts to convulse and has an epileptic fit! As David lies unconscious Max tries to rouse him.

Stella tries to apologise to Owen, explaining how Gloria paid for the drinks. But Owen refuses to listen and tells her she’ll be hearing from his solicitor. Under pressure, Stella is forced into making a shock decision.

Izzy’s perturbed when she discovers £200 missing from their bank account. Gary lies, claiming he paid for some building materials. But when Izzy quizzes Owen it’s clear he has no idea what she’s talking about. Gary finally confesses to spending the money on Tina’s Dad’s wedding ring.

Also, as Faye gets herself ready for school she’s upset that Tim’s forgotten to wash her PE kit. Calling in at the cafe she confides in Anna, who invites her to No 6 for tea; Hayley retrieves the letter from St John from the bin and encourages Roy to read it.