David is horrified when he wakes up to realise Josh has raped him

David is horrified by the events of the previous night – and fumes when he sees Josh chatting with Gail...

Waking up alone in Josh’s bed, David is horrified to realise he’s been raped. Back at home Shona’s seething about David staying out all night but David’s not in the mood to talk as he desperately tries to cleanse himself after his ordeal, shoving his clothes into the bin. When David returns inside he’s floored to see Josh sat chatting with Gail, how will he react?

After refusing to act as ringside doctor at the boxing match upon hearing it was Robert’s idea, Ali changes his mind when Steve points out it’s for a good cause. Meanwhile, a hurt Michelle removes Ali from her wedding guest list.

When Leanne follows Toyah and Eva, announcing she’s joining them at their foreign language class, they wonder how they’re going to get out of this one?

Dev orders Chesney to reinstate Gemma at the kebab shop. Audrey hands Gail Rosemary’s business card and urges her to book in and see what messages she has for her.

First episode of the evening.