David, David, David… He’s one of those people who just lets life happen to them – and that wouldn’t be so bad if what happened to him didn’t hurt other people, such as Jacob and Alicia. David let Priya tell everyone he proposed to her when he didn’t and now she’s celebrating before he’s had time to talk to Alicia – the woman he’s still married to (a fake marriage that Alicia hoped would become real). Alicia finds out with Jacob when they walk in on the celebrations at the B&B. She puts on a brave face (the one she’s had to put it on a lot lately) but Jacob is angry. The little lad feels like he has a lost a dad and he doesn’t like it – and neither does David.

Belle doesn’t like having to bring Luke home for tea so that Lisa and Zak can give him the once-over. Luke doesn’t mind at all, though… His plan is to have dinner with the family – and have Belle for dessert! Ah, but Zak expects Belle to do the washing up. Phew! Belle’s never been so happy to pull on a pair of rubber gloves.

Chas would love to sit down to dinner with the Dingles but they won’t have her. Emmerdale’s becoming a very lonely place for Chas…