David: I’m out of here for ever!

David is furious when Gail tells him that now he’s not in school he can start paying her rent and he later takes revenge with Darryl’s air rifle by shooting a hole in Gail’s shopping. Gail realises that David is the culprit and she forces him to clear up the mess he’s made. When Gail takes David’s rent directly from his wages from Audrey, he angrily tells Gail that he’s leaving home there and then!

Ashley is camping out at the Websters’ after Claire has made it clear that she no longer wants him in the house and Kevin tries to comfort an inconsolable Ashley. Ashley returns home to find Claire more resolute than ever that their marriage is over as she starts making plans for their future apart.

Violet and Sean go to the hospital for Violet’s scan, but Sean’s excited by more than the scan of his baby when he makes it clear to the good-looking sonographer Marcus that he’s gay and single! Sean reveals to Violet that Marcus gave him his number and he’s hoping for a date.