David is struggling to remember what happened before the crash as Graeme lays unconscious in intensive care fighting for his life. Meanwhile, the police are investigating the crash, and things go from bad to worse for David when Tina outlines her history with him. When the police come to question him again he still can’t remember anything about the crash and the police don’t seem satisfied with his answers.

Claire‘s mum arrives on the street to discuss her move to France with her fancy new fella. But Claire doesn’t bank on her next announcement, that the Peacocks should move over there with them. Ashley is staggered when Claire doesn’t refuse outright and formulates a plan.

Nick reminds Carla that he needs his money, knowing the bar is due to open in two weeks. She desperately tries to stall him, but he tells her that if he doesn’t have the money by the end of the day he’ll put his share up for sale to the first bidder.

Also, Peter continues to look out for a pitiful Carla; Rosie and Jason spar as he is called in to sort out the fire damage at the Websters.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David feels more and more isolated as his own mother’s doubts intensify about his version of events. David is still protesting that he can’t remember a thing about the accident. The police seem to be thinking the same thing and take him away for questioning, as Tina keeps vigil by an unconscious Graeme’s bedside.

Ashley is feeling desperate and under siege as Claire and Yvonne outline their plan for moving to France. Claire remains convinced that she will be able to talk Ashley round, but for once he puts his foot down and decides that he’s staying on the street. Tempers soon flare in the Peacock household.

Jason gets more then he bargained for with a scheming Rosie. He clocks her checking his body out while he’s working, and has a cheeky smile on his face.

Also, Steve can see Kylie is taking liberties by making Becky look after Max while she gallivants about, but Becky doesn’t care. Carla comes up with Nick’s cash but Michelle can see it’s clearly a strain on her.

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