David is attacked!

Tina and Jason start doing up the flat with Joe’s help and none of them notice when Tina’s charm bracelet slips between the floorboards. David goes for a nosy in their new flat on the pretext of helping Joe carry some tools, and when Tina discovers her bracelet missing she assumes David stole it. She storms round to No.8 and confronts him, but while David protests his innocence nobody believes him. Furious at being falsely accused David forces his way into No.12 and corners Tina.

Joe is determined to make amends for his actions and rustles up a surprise breakfast for Gail but she’s unimpressed and tells him she’s not sure she wants to be with him anymore.

Steve and Becky distribute the photos of Slug amongst the taxi drivers. Steve gets a call from Eddie to say he’s spotted Slug going into a pub and they set off to track him down.

Also, Tyrone asks Molly why she hasn’t been doing any running since they returned from holiday but the arrival of Jack and Connie saves her from further explanation; Deirdre moans to that she’s been made redundant from the council; Lloyd begs Liz to reconsider and tells her he loves her.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tina is wary as she finds herself in the flat alone with David. As he shuts the door she wonders what is he going to do, but he merely tells her that he loves her. Shaken, Tina tells him how much she hates him, and when he eventually leaves it’s clear she’s unnerved. Jason’s furious when he finds out David’s been harassing Tina and is determined to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, as David walks home he is jumped on and assaulted. A horrified Gail finds him in the hallway covered in blood!

Joe tells Gail he’s moving into a B&B claiming that they need some space, and is disappointed when she agrees.

Steve and Becky arrive at the pub only to find that Slug left 15 minutes ago. They leave his photo with the barmaid and ask her to phone if he reappears, but realise they are clutching at straws.

Also, Amber celebrates getting her grades for university and Darryl suggests he could move to London with her; Graeme enters the world of small business and sets up his own gardening company; Eileen’s frustrated at the way Jesse is permanently at his mother’s beck and call.