Having checked out his dad’s symptoms online, David is worried Pollard’s frequent visits to the loo could be down to prostrate cancer. Pushed into an appointment with the doctor, Pollard attends – but tells David he’s going to have to get checked out, too. But it’s David who ends up with a suspect diagnosis as Dr Bailey finds a lump on his testicle and books him in for an ultrasound scan. Pollard, it turns out, has a simple bladder infection, and David lies to him, claiming to have been given the all-clear, too.

Moira’s paid off Holly’s drug dealer – and is expecting her daughter to pay back every penny. But Holly’s none too impressed when Cain tells her she’s going to be cleaning cars at the garage to earn the cash! Later, Moira tells Adam his sister has been taking drugs again. Moira vows to keep Holly safe, but it’s clearly not the end of Holly’s ordeal with Dean, who’s demanding interest on his debt.

While Laurel supports Ashley’s decision to retire from the clergy, his ex, Harriet, isn’t convinced and phones the Bishop.