David is Michael’s saviour!

Realising that Michael’s been evicted from his flat as he was unable to pay his rent due to not receiving his Street Cars wages, David allows him to move into No 8 until he sorts himself out.

Gary arrives back from hospital and calls in the cafe to see Roy. He tells Roy how sorry he is for breaking into the cafe and how he deserves to be punished. Leaving Roy feeling guiltier than ever. Meanwhile, Alya wishes him a happy new year and the pair reconcile.

Worried about Steve’s financial predicament, Liz tells him he can borrow the funds from the Rovers’ account to pay his staff. But as he plucks up the courage to present Michelle with the bracelet he bought her, he overhears her telling Tony how Steve is her past.

Erica confides in Liz that she only ever wanted a holiday fling with Nick; in the bistro, Steph texts Katy, telling her how cute Gavin is but is mortified to realise she’s sent the text to Gavin.