*One-hour episode*

Janine pays the Butchers a Christmas visit then rifles through David’s stuff to find the incriminating phone. Catching Janine, David plays back her confession to illustrate what she’s become. When Janine calls Billy, insisting he kill David, Billy backs out. Meanwhile, an emotional Carol tells David that she loves him and they kiss passionately.

After getting a message to meet Janine, David hides the phone in Tiff’s coat pocket. David finds Butcher’s Joints deserted, but a car accelerates into him, leaving him motionless on the ground… On the way to the Christmas street party, Tiff finds the phone, handing it to Carol. When Carol listens to the recording on the phone she’s stunned. Time ticks by for Janine, but will she escape or be brought to justice?

Bianca is up to her eyes in Christmas lunch preparations when a glamorous Nikki arrives, following TJ and Rosie’s plea to let her spend the day with them. Alone with Bianca, Nikki claims that Terry will always have feelings for her, leaving Bianca rattled. When Nikki accidentally spills gravy on Bianca at lunch, Bianca throws food back, starting a food fight. Pushed to her limit, Bianca tells Terry to take his kids and leave.

Also, the Mitchells and Beales reel when Lola and Peter announce they’re a couple; Phil hands the Vic keys to the new owner; Kat reveals her surprise to Alfie – she’s pregnant!