David is sent down!

David faces his sentencing on the morning of Gail’s 50th birthday. David presents Gail with some flowers and its clear Gail is still clinging on to the hope that he won’t go down. At court, David is told that due to the severity of his crimes and his repeated admission of wilful intent he will face a custodial sentence and training order and the reality that he’s going to prison sinks in. Gail is distraught.

Roy again blocks the building site with the Traveller, but plays dumb and pretends to be concerned about the amount of money the investors are losing every hour it’s parked there. Tony asks Roy to stop his antics, but Roy stands firm. Tony insists that he didn’t get rid of the bats but that someone else concerned about the financial implications may have done it. Roy agrees to move his car if Tony promises to make a donation to an appropriate charity.

Ryan has spoken to his grandparents about the situation with Alex, and Steve suggests now that everything is out in the open, Michelle should go to Ireland with both of her sons.

Also, Jerry tells Darryl he’ll have to have an interview if he wants his job back.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail is beside herself as David is led from the courtroom. Audrey tries to distract her with birthday cards, but she’s not in the mood to celebrate, even when her friends come round to wish her a ‘happy birthday’. Meanwhile, David is introduced to his cellmate Graeme. David uses his one phone call to ring Tina – who doesn’t answer – unaware that Gail is waiting for him to ring.

Jason is furious when he discovers that Becky’s new man Rick has a girlfriend and daughter and he breaks the news to Becky. Rick turns up in the cafe to be met by a furious Becky who pours a cold cup of tea over his head, punches him to the floor and rams a cream cake in his face!

Leanne is intrigued when Dan suggests she reopen the restaurant as a late night bar. She runs the idea past Paul and she is secretly relieved when he insists he’s not interested in going back into business with her. But it seems that Paul might be plotting something else…

Also, Jerry makes Darryl have an interview; Michelle is upset when Ryan refuses to go to Ireland with her and Alex.